There Shouldn't Be Shadows
Echoes Come Back
"Noise Canceling"
Autonomous Safe Zones
Where the Forest Meets the Sea
Rattles and Hums
Adaptable Creators
Chemical Garden
The Nature of Stones
I Pile Up Here
Pebbles Wavered
The Language of Primeval
Inward Agitation
Start in the North
Locus of Interiority
We Believe In Marbles
Like Bait
Charged Quanta
Proof of Night
Because They Eat Soil
Ancient Rules Apply
Tonopah, Another Roadside Attraction
Prophecy and Prescience
Ever Renewing Desires
As the Past Begins to Shrink
Outside Time
Thrust One Foot Forward
Dirt Crazy
The Periphery of Your Concentration
That Invisible Point
Formation is Found
Indominatable Spirit of a Semi Ghost Town
Rules of Ancient Simplicity
Because You Get To Be Lost
Tiny But Meaningful Lump of Silence Left Behind
The Pleasure We Both Took in Found Objects
When Dogs Could Talk
 I Want To Be a Cloud Pusher
Something That Was Both Useful and Beautiful
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